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3530 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1700 Los Angeles, CA 90010


Since: 23 December 1988

(In operation of flight service)



Asiana airlines now flies from Singapoe to Korea

Asiana airlines now flies from singapore to korea with promotional fare. The promotional fare is for all customers. You can avail it for your round trip travel and if you book for a team booking you will also get more discounts.

Worlds best fare from Singapore to Korea is only SGD 850 through Asiana airlines. Apart from that, you will also get a fentastic hospitality and on-time boarding facility. Web check-in facility in every trip from Singapore to Korea is always recommended to avoid last minute rush in check-in.

While you are travelling to Singapore you will get a lot of entertaining places to visit and you will get a very interesting food too. We love to receive your booking and ready to serve you better.


Best Hospitality

Aisana airlines appointed the well trained and highly educated air crews to assit you with a smile and care at any point of time. In case of your travel food need and any other requirements which is need while you are on board, crews will be at your near to help to get.

Manila to Incheon flights are cheap

Asiana airlines  also serve flights from Manila (Phillipines) to Incheon (South Korea). Why do you choose Asiana airlines to fly from Manila is becous, Asiana airlines is only operating  flights from Manila to Incheon. So, the fare here is so cheaper than anyother airlines in the world.

When you think of going to Incheon, you mind should get in to the beach and the road side  varity shops. Here in Incheon, you can view the blue sea with a group of forigners entering in to it to feel the ice water. While roaming around the beach you can find many shops where the handmade and articles are so cheapers and the quality if awesome.


Magic boarding with Asiana Airlines:

Asiana airlines has introduced the innovative way to give discount to the passengers by it magic boarding pass system. In this what the passengers should do is to show their boarding pass which they used to travel with Asiana before while booking your new flight by presenting with your ID proof. Magic boarding pass discount can be used for domestic (In Koera) and also for your international  travel. 

If you are doing the web check-in, you can send the email of your boarding pass to our e amil id to claim the discount.

Asiana Airways Android App

Now booking flights with Asiana airlines is much easier than before. Use the recently updates mobile app which is specially equiped for android mobile phone. This will allow you to book your flights while you are on the go and during your tea time.

Food and beverages on board

Food is also the need whole you are on board. Asiana airlines serves you the best quality of food on board. You can avail the customized premium in-flight meals and pre oder korian real cuisine meals.

In terms of beverages, you can get personally selected by top international wines, RA (Rainforest Allience) certified environmental friendly coffee and high class tea at any time while you are on board.


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Asiana's Membership club

Asiana ailines is the first airlines which started giving the membership faclity for its passengers. Asiana has 5 types of membership products such as, Silver, gold, diamond, diamond plus and platinum. While the regular passegers are uses silver membership cards and this card will be upgraded to gold, diamond and so on as per the miles the passensgers travels with asiana airlines. While having the top membership card (Platinum), the facilities and offers are givern more.

Know more about Asiana club

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